Please read and accept before completing the order




The supplier declines any responsibility for damage or loss. Standard shipment does not provide any insurance.
The buyer who wants to have a shipping insurance must make a request to the supplier before paying the items.

7.2. The Supplier must prepare an inventory for each shipment. The inventory must contain all the details necessary to identify the parcels (order details, type and quantity of supplies, carrier name, expense details) as ordered in the Order.


7.3. If the items are damaged during their shipping, the Supplier is not liable, the buyer must request an insured shipment against the damage and loss of the items. If the buyer does not require an insured shipment and accepts the basic shipment, he or she assumes all liability, including loss of or damage to the item. The supplier is not responsible for any damage that may be suffered during shipping.


If the buyer requires a cheap shipment the supplier is NOT liable for the damage suffered by delivery or any compensation is expected.